Wednesday, October 13, 2021

✅ 12 Biomechanical Unknown Organisms Sightings HD 720p

✅ Warning What You're About To See Might Be Disturbing.
✅ For Immediate Public Release.
Control Has Confirmed Reports About Mars Orbiter Scout One Landing Confirmed. And 12 Biomechanical Unknown Organisms First Sightings.
Events Are As Follows: A Lieutenant Assigned To Surveillance At Area Of Interest Observed The Following And Quote. I Dropped To Highly Sensitive Area And Saw The Following: 2 Men Firing At A Black Unmarked Helicopter.
With Modern Weaponry. But Could Not Bring The Chopper Down At First.
Then Suddenly The Chopper Was Smoking and Crashed. They Hid At An Unfinished Structure In A Basement. When I Approached The Still Smoking Helicopter I Could See The Remains Of The Helicopter Inside. Everything Was Torched. But Then At The Rear I Saw Something That Will Haunt Me For The Rest Of My Life. In The Floor Of The Helicopter I Could See 2 Faces In The Floor Completely Charred With The Eyes Wide Open And Moving From Side To Side. I Accidentally Made A Sound And The Eyes Of The Faces Where Locked Into Me And Every Movement That I Made. I Proceeded Back To A Safe Location. And Requested Immediate Evac.
Control Has Confirmed Reports Also Of People Wandering Into Forests With No Apparent Reason Like If They Answered A Calling.

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